Tech trends that are evolving the mobile app industry

Tech trends that are evolving the mobile app industry

The mobile app industry is ever evolving. Every week, day, month and year new and innovative technology is being invented to take mobile applications to the next level.

Along with technology advancements, consumer demands also have a significant impact on app trends. Staying in tune with the latest trends is one of the most crucial aspects in the mobile app industry in order to create a better all-round experience for your customers and users.

That being said, what are the latest technology trends in the mobile app industry?

·       5G Technology: With the expected growth of 5G smartphone connections over the coming years, 5G technology is set to increase the speed and efficiency of apps for up to 100 times faster than 4G. This will help developers to add new features to their apps, without having an impact on their performance.

·       Beacon Technology: This form of technology has already been utilised by many industries including, healthcare, hospitality and retail. Essentially, beacons add advanced functionality to just about any mobile app.

·       Mobile Commerce: Though this trend has been dominating the industry since 2019, its impact is only increasing each year. Globally established brands, small businesses and content creators are just a few stakeholders who are leveraging mobile apps to increase their revenue.

·       Artificial Intelligence: AI has been an established and widely used area of technology in the app industry in recent years. However, developers are still innovating new AI features to integrate into apps, such as, image recognition, face detection, text and image classification and speech recognition.

·       Augmented Reality – AR and VR are becoming increasingly more popular amongst app developers. During the pandemic we were forced to abandon our offices and work entirely from home, which hindered opportunities for employee training programmes and learning. As a result, AR-based training and learning programmes are skyrocketing to enable employees to broaden their knowledge and advance in their role, no matter where they are in the world.

Keeping up with the latest mobile app industry trends is vital for staying close to your competitors and creating a high-functioning app that ticks all the boxes for app domination!