Cleaning Tips

Time for a Microwave Deep Clean
We’ve found a way to give your microwave a deep clean with only lemons, water, vinegar and a bowl.
How to make a DIY cleaning spray
Making things at home seems to be all the rage at the moment. Why not try your own DIY cleaning spray?
Top 5 Summer Cleaning Hacks
In the interest of keeping those carpets clean, we’ve put together a little list of how to get rid of some of the most common stains.
10 Cleaning Tips to make your apartment Ready for Airbnb Guests
1. Aerate
4 Tips on How to Clean Hardwood Floors
The floors of your home are important. They are the support system to your entire house. You start your day by walking across them every…
6 Things You Should Probably Clean More Often
Most people are pretty good about wiping down the counters, taking out the trash, maybe mopping the floors. But there are lots of little…
How to Get Fingernail Polish Out of Carpet
Learn how to remove nail polish from your carpet!
How to Clean Ovens and Oven Racks
No one likes cleaning ovens. Everyone thinks it’s not that necessary or too hard to do. Mainly because not only do you have to clean the…
9 Effective Tips on How to Clean a Mattress
Did you know that mattresses contain the highest number of allergens in our homes, such as bacteria, viruses, molds, etc.? Gross! Cleaning…
How To Clean A Stove Top
Cleaning a stove top can prove to be a monumental task when you find out that the baked on gunk and stains cannot be removed by just…
2 Simple Methods on How to Clean Shower Heads
Make Sure to Shower with a Clean Shower Head!
How to Clean Your Glass Top Stove
Make Your Glass Top Stove Clean As Can Be!
Declutter Your Home!
Why should you declutter your home?