Cleaning…the Ethical Way

We believe strongly we all have to play our part in protecting our planet and that starts with the choices we make in cleaning products.

Cleaning…the Ethical Way

Making sure you are using ethical and eco-friendly products when cleaning your home or office is always a great step towards making your life as sustainable as possible. We believe strongly we all have to play our part in protecting our planet and that starts with the choices we make in cleaning products and cleaning practices. We do everything we can to make our service as ethical and environmentally friendly as we can.

The Products

To make it simple, cleaning products that are considered to be ethical don’t contain any toxic chemicals, use sustainable and biodegradable ingredients, have low-plastic or are plastic-free, and come in packaging that’s refillable and recyclable. With all these considerations in mind, ethically produced products are safer, kinder and resourceful.

All TIDY app cleaners recognise that we all have to be doing our part to reduce the effect our carbon footprint has on the world. We recommend that all our professional cleaners use ethical cleaning products, but for reasons that extend more than just the environmental effect. Ethically produced cleaning products are also much safer for pets, children and vulnerable people. Products, for example, that might have caused issues for a small pet’s breathing are very clearly not ethical, and we absolutely do not use products that have even the smallest chance of being toxic.

The Business

We’re glad to have seen a shift across our industry towards sustainability, as businesses slowly pick up on the ideas of ethical cleaning and carbon-neutrality. We’d love to think that this is because larger conglomerates across the sector have realised the impact their decisions have on the environment, but the pressure consumers and customers have been putting on businesses to improve their environmental efforts has also been key.

It has also been so heartening to see how many small businesses are being founded to bring a much more ethical aspect to the cleaning business. Start-ups have always been the place to go to for innovation and creative business, and the cleaning industry has historically been a little slow to catch on, but that’s not the case anymore.

We’re glad to be part of an industry that is pushing forward and leading in the journey towards sustainability, and we’re proud to be doing our part.