Women's History Month

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, a time for us all to celebrate the powerful and inspiring women that have made this world we live in a better place.

The idea of a time to celebrate women in the world is over a century old now, with the first International Women’s Day coming all the way back in 1911. Over the years since, this has grown in importance and length, until in 1987 the US Congress officially named March as Women’s History Month.

During this month we remember the women who have changed the world, like Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie. Without their work, we would not be where we are now, and we take the time to remember their dedication to their cause and their hard work. There is always something to learn from our past.

We also celebrate the women who are working today to create a significant impact in the world like Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai. The world is far from perfect, and the women working hard to make it better deserve to be celebrated.

This celebration doesn’t have to be on a global scale of course. Every woman that does their part in making a positive change should be celebrated. Women are working everywhere, at their workplace, in their home and out in the world, to make a positive difference, for this generation and the generations to come.

The theme of this year’s Women’s History Month is once again Valiant Women of the Vote, which is carried over from last year’s centennial of the nineteenth amendment and the vote for women in the US.

The point of this theme is twofold. First, we can all recognise how much progress has been made, with the help of activists and supporters from all classes, creeds and genders.

Secondly, despite the brilliant progress done so far by women, the fight for women’s rights continues as we still have some barriers to overcome.

The story of humankind is not complete without the story of womankind, and these stories are so often left unsung or unappreciated. In celebrating these stories, we learn from the women of the past, allowing us to empower the women of the present, to create a better world for the women of the future.

The whole Cleanster team is proud to be celebrating Women’s History Month as part of a diverse team of excellent professionals.

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