Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Ultimate Airbnb Cleaning Checklist

Are you looking for a thorough Airbnb cleaning checklist? We’ve got you covered at  Cleanster

With this checklist, no guest will ever complain again about the cleanliness of your rental — and if no guest has ever complained about the cleanliness of your rental, this checklist will keep it that way.

Make sure that your Airbnb is as spotless as a five-star hotel, and your guests are just as happy.

The Cleanster Checklist

Whether it’s cleaning your Airbnb rental or performing neurosurgery, using a checklist is one of the most comprehensive and scientifically backed ways to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases.

You might have to change it up a little bit depending on your specific rental, but here’s an Airbnb cleaning checklist to get you started:

Change and replace the following:

  • ☐ Bedsheets
  • ☐ Bathroom towels
  • ☐ Kitchen towels
  • ☐ Linen

Clean the bathroom:

  • ☐ Clean the sink.
  • ☐ Scrub the toilet.
  • ☐ Take out the trash.
  • ☐ Spray and rinse the shower.
  • ☐ Check drains for hair or blockages.
  • ☐ Dry vacuum the shower & sink to remove clogs (if necessary)
  • ☐ Sweep and mop the floor.
  • ☐ Final scan of the room.

Clean the kitchen:

  • ☐ Clean stove.
  • ☐ Clean hoods and vents.
  • ☐ Clean the microwave.
  • ☐ Clean any dishes left in the sink.
  • ☐ Clean out & vacuum the refrigerator
  • ☐ Throw out leftover food.
  • ☐ Take out the trash.
  • ☐ Unload any dishes from the dishwasher and put them away.
  • ☐ Vacuum and mop the floor.
  • ☐ Final scan of the room.

Clean bedrooms & living room:

  • ☐ Dust or wipe down furniture, nightstands, drawers, etc.
  • ☐ Clear any trash.
  • ☐ Sweep or vacuum the floor.
  • ☐ Move the couch & sweep/vacuum underneath it.
  • ☐ Wipe down the blades of any fans
  • ☐ Check & clean out any closets, if necessary.
  • ☐ Final scan of the room.

Check and, if necessary, restock the following supplies:

  • ☐ Coffee
  • ☐ Paper towels
  • ☐ Trash bags
  • ☐ Dish soap
  • ☐ Hand soap
  • ☐ Shampoo

If you have a laundry room: check the wash & dryer, clean out lint

Do a final scan of the whole house.

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