Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning

Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning

We are well under way with the spring-cleaning season! Whether you’re very eager and have gotten started as soon as you saw the first buds of spring, or you’ve been putting it off until inspiration struck, the Cleanster has got the most effective spring-cleaning tips…

Our history of spring cleaning goes back a long way and is rooted in religion. Cultures from all over have been spring cleaning for thousands of years. The Jewish tradition came from Passover as they had to ensure all bread had been removed from their homes and did so by undertaking a full house deep clean. There are origins within the Persian New Year, which signifies new beginnings and undergoing a house clean means starting off on the right foot. Similarly, it marks the Chinese New Year and is seen to rid homes of any negativity of the previous year.

No matter how you’re approaching it, doing a good and effective job is the goal shared by many of us, but it can often feel overwhelming to know where to start. So, we’ve compiled our best tips to help you out.

Make a plan of attack

It’s easier to start when you know what your goals are. Is there that one room in your house that’s a little bit too full of knick-knacks? Maybe your wardrobe is close to bursting? Outlining your plan will make it easier to stay on track and decide where is best to start.

Get everyone involved

Another big, overwhelming block to starting your spring cleaning journey is thinking you must do it all alone. Getting family or friends involved can make the experience much more fun and you can cover more ground.

Create an area for unwanted clutter

There’s no better feeling than being able to ruthlessly throw your unwanted items into a pile or a bin bag to then be donated or thrown away. Not to mention how motivating seeing a physical representation of all the work you’ve done is.

Declutter, then clean

There’s no use cleaning before you declutter as you’ll end up cleaning twice as much.

Work top to bottom

Working from the ceiling, down will force dirt and debris to the floor as you go, which can then be picked up at the end with a vacuum.

Remember it doesn’t have to be done in one go

A lot of the time, we’re focused on how big of a task spring cleaning is and it stops us from ever starting. However, there are no rules that say it has to be completed the day you started! It can be broken down room-by-room, task-by-task, or minute-by-minute.