The Rise in Use of Home Cleaning Services

Having a home cleaning service used to be seen as a luxury and a sign of wealth. However, times have changed, and employing a cleaning service is becoming more common and achievable no matter who you are. In the past decade, the rise in demand for professional cleaning services has been massive, with one in three households now employing a cleaner.

The market itself is set to reach $40.38 billion by the year 2025, showing how much of a demand there actually is for these services. In addition, the number of people searching for ‘cleaning services’ online in November 2020 was double the figure for the same month in 2018.

Why has there been a sudden rise?

The pandemic is partly to blame for this rise as sanitisation and cleanliness have become more important than ever. This increase wasn’t just seen in residential services, but in offices as well. People wanted to feel secure knowing the spaces they inhabited were as clean as they possibly could be, and who better to complete that task than the professionals?

Other than the pandemic, the growth in demand is also due to the number of households with dual incomes. With more than one person per household working, there are fewer opportunities to find the time to clean your home. Within the next few years, the US Department of Commerce expects 80% of two-income households to use an outside house cleaning service.

The benefits of hiring a professional cleaning service

One of the top reasons people struggle to keep their homes as clean as they would like is because life is too busy. When you hire a cleaning service, that job is taken off your hands immediately, giving you more time to enjoy other aspects of your life.

Not only that but having your home cleaned professionally will make for a healthier environment for all those living there. It means that your home will never get to the point of being hazardous to health.

Professionals will also complete the job to a higher standard with their equipment and expertise. They’ve got the know-how for cleaning a house top to bottom and leaving it germ-free and shining. When we do our own cleaning, we often miss spots or start with the easy jobs and never quite get round to the harder ones, we’ve all been there! A cleaner will be more methodical and work through a checklist, making sure everything that needs to be cleaned, has been.

Most cleaning services, like ours, will allow you to set a schedule that suits you. Whether you need a monthly deep clean or a lighter clean a few times a week, you can specify what works best for you.

Why not join the rise in the use of house cleaning services and book your first clean through the Cleanster?