Safe cleaning tips to clean your tech!

Safe cleaning tips to clean your tech!

Tech – what would we do without it? We use it every single day for work, pleasure and keeping in touch with our nearest and dearest.

But with so much use comes a whole lot of germs and bacteria that cling on to our devices and come home with us when we touch our faces or bodies throughout the day.

A mobile phone alone holds around 25,000 bacteria per square inch and your computer’s keyboard is 20,000 times dirtier than a toilet (yes you read that right).

While we’re obliviously touching bacteria-infested devices, we’re also putting ourselves at risk of becoming sick and picking up all sorts of illnesses.

The simple solution is to regularly clean our tech devices but it’s not as straightforward as just washing down as quickly spritzing the kitchen surfaces. When it comes to cleaning our technology, we need to be more cautious about how we clean them to ensure we’re doing it in the safest way possible.

We’ve put together some of our safest tech cleaning tips that will kill the bacteria and keep your tech intact.

1.     You don’t want to be on the receiving end of an electric shock whilst cleaning your tech, so it’s crucial that you unplug your device before you start cleaning it!

2.     Use cleaning products that thoroughly disinfect your tech. The best available options are alcohol-based wipes or disinfectant sprays containing at least 70% alcohol.

3.     If you’re using a disinfectant spray, never spray directly onto the device. Instead, spray the product onto a microfibre cloth and then wipe the device clean.

4.     Sometimes excess moisture or liquid is left on your device from cleaning, so use a dry paper towel or microfibre cloth to stop the liquid and moisture from seeping into your device.

5.     Steer clear from chemical and abrasive cleaners as these can cause severe damage to your devices.

6.     Wash or sanitise your hands thoroughly before and after cleaning your tech. This will make sure you’re not contaminating any other areas and surfaces around you and undoing your hard work.

In an ideal world, you’d clean your tech every single day but it’s easy to forget when you’re not in the routine of it. Starting now, make an effort to clean your tech once a week and progressively build up to a regular tech cleaning schedule!