Plastic Waste in Cleaning

Plastic Waste in Cleaning

Everyone is trying to cut down on their plastic waste, and the cleaning industry is no different. Historically, the industry hasn’t been great with plastic, with lots of cleaners preferring plastic bottles for their light weight and ease of use. However, with the emergence of more and more data that shows how single-use plastics affect the environment, many cleaners are deciding to make a switch to more sustainable supplies…and we’re loving it!

One of the simplest ways to make a switch to sustainability is to take a long hard look at your plastic bottles and start replacing them with refillable ones. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to make the switch to metal or glass, as these can be much heavier and not great to carry around for our TIDY app cleaners who are going from house to house to work. It’s absolutely fine to reuse an old plastic bottle as a refillable one.

You can also now buy refills from big brands as they slowly get on the sustainability bandwagon. This saves so much on plastic packaging and bottling, and even on transport as the little refill capsule weighs a whole lot less than a full bottle being transported across the globe.

The next step is to slowly replace the tools we actually use. We won’t ever compromise on quality, as that would mean a lower standard of clean for our customers, and that’s not something we’re about. New designers have been working to make tools that are just as good, but even better for the environment. Just like the emergence of bamboo toothbrushes, we’re sure that cleaning isn’t far from its first set of bamboo tools, and we can’t wait.

The path to sustainability is one with many steps for us all, and every one of us is at a different stage of our journey. With some proper effort, and some light encouragement from those around us, we’re sure the changes can be simple to implement.