How to keep your toilet sparkling

How to keep your toilet sparkling

It might just be everyone’s least favourite part of the house to clean, but keeping a toilet sparkling clean is an absolute must. This isn’t just for appearance’s sake of course, but for the health and hygiene of you and your family. Germs aren’t just spread by droplets but can survive and spread on the actual porcelain of the toilet, making proper cleaning just that little bit more important than usual.

Our main tip would be to make your toilet cleaning as regular as possible, as getting rid of stains and marks soon after they happen is so much easier than when they have dried and stuck to the porcelain. Giving it a quick once-over with a toilet scrubber every few days is the best way to make sure that when you are giving it the deep clean, there aren’t any solidified stains that need hard bleach to get out.

Regular disinfecting of the general toilet area is also a very good thing for health reasons. We would recommend weekly, possible even more often if your toilet is very close to other things like the sink or a shower. Dentists tend to recommend keeping your toothbrushes at least 3 feet away from your toilet, but if this isn’t possible to keep them inside a container or cupboard and disinfect the area regularly.

Another mistake that many are also making is sticking with dirty toilet brushes which experts have proven harbour particularly nasty bacteria. We would absolutely not recommend cleaning the brush anywhere inside the house, and if you do, please keep as many windows open as possible and wear appropriate gloves. Fill a bucket with boiling water and add a few bottle caps of bleach. Then just leave the brush in the bucket for an hour to let the bleach do its work. Rinse the brush with cold water and disinfect before rinsing again for maximum effect.

While it isn’t the most visible part of the house, a clean and hygienic bathroom is so important for keeping your family happy and healthy...and a sparkling toilet is a big part of that.