Cleaning for Everyone!

Keeping a clean home is not the easiest thing to do. Especially not in today’s modern busy world. There is a solution though!

Cleaning for Everyone!
Homeowners shattered from cleaning

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…” These days, that song just got a whole new meaning! And it’s not about cake, presents and party poppers — recently it’s been about washing your hands and being clean.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a change in the whole world, as people rushed to do their part to stay safe and save lives. And the fight against the virus started with hygiene and keeping yourself and the surfaces around you clean. In fact, the whole world has become so much cleaner of late and we have to say, we’re totally loving it!

The fact is that keeping a clean home is not the easiest thing to do. Especially not in today’s modern busy world. Working parents who are kept busy all day are in a constant marathon of juggling work alongside raising children, all while managing a household and the endless responsibilities that come with it — simply don’t have the time for cleaning. And even if you don’t have kids, that doesn’t make the mission any easier. Daily life pulls people in a ton of different directions and finding the time to keep your home tidy and presentable is no easy feat.

Mental health awareness is a hot topic for society as a whole as the pressures of the daily balancing act can take its toll on families and households, struggling to do everything. We’re huge believers of a healthy work-life balance — and sometimes that means finishing work and making time for some fun. Cleaning, therefore, gets left on the back burner, at the very bottom of the to-do list.

So, when you do have time, how easy is cleaning? Easy answer — depends how thorough you want to be! A quick once-over works fine, sure, but in a COVID-world, we’re all trying to keep our homes beyond a ‘that’ll do I guess’ clean, and more of a sanitised and safe style environment, virus-free for the whole household.

As our lifestyles and personal requirements have changed, so has the whole concept and attitude towards professional cleaners. Hiring a regular cleaner was long considered to be something only reserved for the uber-wealthy, thought of as something only the rich or elite could afford. Having a professional cleaner come and clean your house could perhaps be contemplated as a strict one-off when moving to a new house for example, but that was it. Nothing ordinary everyday families could entertain.

How things change!

It’s now so much more common to have that housekeeping support for your home. As more and more people favour a healthy work-life balance, they are hiring cleaners to take that job off their hands and allow them to spend more time with their families, friends and generally other commitments they may have. The time-poor society we live in has pushed the boundaries — hiring cleaners are no more for the exclusive minority, but far more mainstream. And rising…

Affordable, easy, necessary — you agree it’s a basic no-brainer for the modern everyday folk. But with so many restrictions through lockdown right now, how does a professional even work? When your friends can’t come around for a drink, how does a cleaner bypass that and provide a service? No offence to your mates, but it’s all about professionalism and innovation.

A cleaner hired by the TIDY app is a great example, because they can do the whole job without contact. You don’t even have to see them. Pre-booking on an app in 60 seconds, tracking their movements online, and rating their work thereafter — it all makes an easy job even easier. And it’s perfect for a new normal of increased sanitation amongst ongoing social distancing.

So, we know what you’re gonna say… If professional cleaning is so easy and inexpensive and stress-free, then how come I’m only just finding out about it now? Another easy answer for you. Folk just don’t know! Changing people’s mentality about something is tricky to do sometimes, especially when they haven’t tried it out themselves. People assume hiring a cleaner is not for them, and they don’t know any better.

That’s why we have a challenge for you! You ready?

Give us 60 seconds — and we promise you’ll find a cleaner in your area. Then book them, use them, rate them, love them… then tell 10 people you know. And watch as everyone starts to use the TIDY app…

You can thank us later!

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