3 Steps To Attract And Satisfy Airbnb Business Guests

3 Steps To Attract And Satisfy Airbnb Business Guests

Airbnb business guests are always considered a safe option. All they want is a peaceful stay. They will come on their business trip, work, and then might leave a positive review if you succeed in satisfying them. However, convincing Airbnb business guests to book your property is challenging. They are precise, and they know what they are looking for. You must work wisely to attract and satisfy the Airbnb business guest.

Step 1 – Create Unique Offer For Airbnb Business Guest


Research your area and find out what kind of business guests will be interested in your listing. Find the answer to questions like What types of businesses are located in your locality, and what corporate employees are you willing to serve


Once you know your niche,, it is time to target them by providing exactly what they want. Business guests are generally specific. If your property is located close to financial firms, tIT firms dominate your regionhen you will target finance officials and create your niche according to their needs.


Now that you know your niche, you are ready to target them, so remember to inform them about your unique offer. Mention in your listing that you offer a peaceful stay to the finance officials or any Airbnb business guest you target. Grab their attention by telling them how you have customized your property based on their requirements. Be specific with your description and remember that they are looking for accommodation while on a business trip.

Step 2 – Set The Price Strategically

Be Reasonable

Airbnb business guest is generally on a fixed budget. Your pricing should be reasonable and in sync with the amenities you offer. For example, if you are offering a luxurious experience, then top pricing could work, but if you are offering a minimum stay, then price accordingly. Airbnb business guest knows what’s best for them. Therefore, you have to make the best offer. Prices may change from location to location and season to season. To automate this process, you May wish to consider Airbnb management software that could assist you in setting the right price.


Also, why focus only on the duration of their business trips? You can offer attractive discounts to persuade them to stay a little longer and enjoy their visit to the new city.

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Step 3 – Fulfill Their Requirements

Functional Property

Airbnb business guest wants a functional and comfortable space for their stay. They need quiet and easy access to the property to focus on their work. Airbnb business guests will need to work during their stay, so you must install a desk to fulfill their needs. You might also consider providing them snacks and other necessities that an official business trip might require. WIFI connection is essential when hosting any guests, especially when hosting Airbnb business guests. Everyone in this world functions over the internet. Business guests might specifically look for listings that offer fast and reliable WIFI services.

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Relaxing Ambience

Airbnb business guest is on an official business trip which might be packed with meetings, conferences, presentations, and many more stressful activities. They would appreciate a place to stay where they can relax. As a host, it is your job to offer a corner to work and a corner to relax. A TV with OTT platform subscriptions might help them to relax. Or a fireplace with a bookshelf where they can comfortably escape the hectic schedule. Offer them value so that they offer you good reviews.

Airbnb business guest is considered safe for a reason. If you know the tricks and the steps to attract this industry sector, then you might profit significantly from it. The gist of the above three steps is extracted in this point – Airbnb business guests will select your listing and even give you a good review but only when you offer what they are looking for. You must do your research, target your niche, and provide them with an impressive experience.