10 things you should be cleaning but everyone misses

10 things you should be cleaning but everyone misses

1. Windowsills

While we all pay close attention to the state of our windows, the little sill beneath it can sometimes escape our eyes. This means dust, dirt, and all sorts of things can build up over time. These windowsills should be dusted regularly to avoid accumulation and to keep the window area nice and clear.

2. Pillows

The bedsheets and pillowcases go into the washer often, but have you ever thought about the actual pillows? The separation of fabric doesn’t stop them from picking up all the same sweat and stains. Each type of pillow will have its own care needs, so be careful to read before washing.

3. Shower curtain

Out of everything in the bathroom, the shower curtain tends to be missed the most. This doesn’t mean they’re immune to the mold and mildew that builds up though. Your shower curtains deserve a quick clean whenever the rest of the bathroom gets one.

4. Keys

As something we use daily, our keys go through a lot. They go from hand to hand, surface to surface, and pocket to pocket, picking up germs and dirt as they go. You can either give them a soak in some soap, or a quick scrub to get them clean and shining again.

5. Door Handles

Another bit of the house that collects germs without anyone noticing is the door handle of every room. As every different person touches the handle, they will transfer some dirt and germs, building up over time. Make sure to give each handle a quick scrub as you go around the house.

6. Screens

TV, phone and computer screens all gather dust. If you’ve got young children, then fingerprints and germs are an issue too. A build-up of dust can also actually affect your viewing experience if left alone for too long. Take care with electronic devices, but some dusting and a quick clean are good to make routine.

7. Shower Heads

They help keep us clean, and we should definitely be paying them back in kind. The bacteria and sometimes limescale can affect the shower water. If the build-up is too bad, then it can even lead to some illnesses for shower users. Make sure to clean them regularly and descale them too.

8. Sink Traps

The bit found underneath the sinks in your home doesn’t get the same attention as the top end, but it should. These areas can build up all kinds of germs while you use your sink. When you clean your sink surface, you should also give the underside a quick once over.

9. Reusable Bottles

If you take a reusable bottle with you every day, it’s far too easy to forget it in your bag and never clean it. The bottle becomes a haven for germs and limescale, so be sure to give it a clean or put it in the dishwasher next time.

10. Toys

Children manage to collect germs and dirt like nothing else. They get regular baths, but their toys might not. To protect the little ones from the germs that build up on their toys, give the toys a quick wash regularly to get rid of the dirt and bacteria.

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